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By , June 8, 2011 10:12 PM

One of the foods I’m seriously not supposed to eat these days is ice cream (no dairy, no sugar, no eggs).  But, I have to admit, there’s really nothing like it.  Rich.  Creamy.  Yum.  My favorite flavor is usually rocky road—you know, chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and nuts mixed in.  (Yeah, not supposed to be having chocolate or almonds either.  Darn it!)

I’ve recently found an ice cream made from coconut milk and which uses agave as a sweetener.  It’s not bad, even if it is a little two-dimensional compared to good rocky road.  It has me thinking that I could probably make my own using coconut milk and stevia.  I’m dreaming about maybe banana-chai-coconut or, once July rolls around, peach-coconut.  Maybe raspberry-hibiscus or coconut-lime?

Who knows if I’ll end up making any of those frozen flavors.  I don’t even have an ice cream maker, but I might be able to whip something up in my Vitamix.  And, of course, there’s always the question about whether I can effectively execute my vision and net a dessert that truly tastes like what I think it would.  Or should.  Even a delicious—if unexpected—surprise would be awesome.

Whether I actually make them or not, I have fun thinking about the possibilities.  I have to admit that I often hold myself back from even trying the doing.  I don’t want to waste perfectly good food that ends up tasting disappointing because I don’t know what I’m doing and have ruined it.  Worse yet, I don’t want to have my ineptitude in the kitchen in my face again.  At that point, the question becomes was it just a bad idea or did my execution of that idea suck?

What’s really sad to me is that I know this attitude can pervade other areas in my life as well.  I often want a reliable level of expertise before I’ll try something.  Even if I get over that initial hurdle and give it a go, if the attempt bombs, I often won’t try again.  My brain goes haywire invalidating me.  (And sometimes I have others around me who also join in.)

This summer, I’m going to change things up.  I’m going to make a delicious frozen dessert that I can actually eat and enjoy enough to share with friends—even if it takes me all summer.  My critical brain can take a vacation.  Maybe even a permanent one.

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