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By , June 12, 2011 10:09 PM

Groupon is awesome!  There are some local versions around here also for my city and county.  Just in case you’re not familiar with Groupon, they allow you to pre-purchase products and services at a greatly reduced price—usually around 50% of what you’d normally pay.  You can get a $20 gift certificate to a restaurant for $10, for example.

Earlier this week, a Groupon email arrived in my mailbox for a perfumery in Boulder.  (Who even knew there was a perfumery in Boulder??)  For $35 (normally $75) you’d get an hour-long appointment to meet with a perfumer to custom blend a scent for you based on what you like and what smells good on you.  In addition, you walk away with your new perfume.  How could I resist?

For many years, I wore perfume every day.  It helped me feel put together, feminine, and sensual.  In the last ten years or so, I found myself getting more sensitive to scents—both those I wore and those others wore—so perfume left my daily life.  From time to time I’d pull one of the old bottles out of the bathroom cabinet and give myself a spritz or two, but it always felt overpowering and somehow wrong.

Yesterday morning I had my appointment at Essense and I’m excited to report that I walked away with three new scents—two that I “designed” and one sample of an “off the shelf” blend.  I like all of them and they all reflect different aspects of me.  This might sound odd, but the process of blending a custom scent has helped me identify different aspects of myself—what I like, what I want to express to the world, what makes me feel good.

As you’ve probably heard, your sense of smell triggers the deep recesses of your primitive brain.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could use a perfume to help remind me of who I am at my divine core??  I think that having a tool like that to support me in showing up in the world in all my glory could be just what I need right about now!

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