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By , July 12, 2011 9:54 PM

What do you like about getting older?  I’ve heard people talk about the life experience and wisdom they’ve amassed as being things they really enjoy and appreciate as they age.  While I agree that those are wonderful contributions to my quality of life, I can’t help feel that, for me, I’m really loving something else much more.

I feel like I’m becoming whole.  It’s AWESOME!

I never would have guessed that, for me, my childhood and early adulthood were all about fracturing myself into splinters and pieces to meet others’ expectations and requirements.  Of course, there were also all the modifications and critical compromises I made to protect myself.  Oh, and the interpretations I made about how best to participate in and with my environment.  Perhaps it’s a normal part of the socialization process we endure.  “Be this, don’t be that—this is valued, this is not” is a common theme, is it not?  Perhaps I was in a unique situation because of my particular circumstances with my family of origin.  I suspect, however, that, regardless of the whys, I’m far from alone in this experience.

The reintegration started for me around the time I turned 30 and it seems to have consistently accelerated since then.  It’s worth mentioning that it hasn’t always been fun or easy, but I feel like I’m finally now getting the opportunity to really have and live MY life.  That makes it worth the effort.

Some people refer to this transformational journey as their spiritual path.  Certainly, it is for me.

If you are interested in amping up your wholeness quotient, consider adding the following to your daily activities:

  • Be both a participant and an impartial observer of your life.  Use what you observe as fodder for your quest.
  • Get curious about what makes you tick.  Who are you?  Are you living consistently with your values and congruently with what’s important to you?
  • Be courageous in mining those aspects of your life with which you’re not satisfied.  Take responsibility for your experience of your life.  Ditch victimhood.
  • Really listen to what you’re saying about yourself and others.  This’ll provide wonderful clues about what has been neglected within yourself.
  • Go there!  If you find something that needs attention, make it your priority to be the archaeologist of your own soul.

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